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Price is $2.55/lb on the hanging weight. The hanging weight for a 1/2 beef ranges from 400lbs to 520 lbs. After the hanging weight is determined the butcher removes more bones and excess fat, making the meat table ready (about 35% of hanging weight is removed in this step). So, you can expect approximately 260-338 lbs of table ready meat. 1/2 beef is cut to your specifications, and you'll work directly with the locker to get the cuts and packaging YOU want. The locker processing fee varies on the cuts you choose, but it’s generally $380-460.

1/2 Beef

  • Our meat is packed with flavor, dervied from nature's rich soils and fresh air. Our cows enjoy a heavy forage diet, consisting of a variety of plants grown in the fields and pasture (grass, alfalfa, clover, sorghum, sundangrass) with some grain (corn, barley, rye, soybeans) to balance out their energy needs. All feed is certified organic.