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  • Catherine Wedemeier

We need some MILK

We need some MILK: It’s hard to believe those words are uttered in our house with a barn full of dairy cows ,and two tanks that will hold about 2700 gallons of the nutritious and delicious white stuff, but it happens… at least every other day. Yes, even a dairy farmer has to make an after work run to get milk for supper. Most of the time I’m not aware of the request, or have forgotten about it until I’m in my birthday suit ready to shower. Usually, one of our youngsters comes trucking into the bathroom with the pitchers. Reluctantly, I’ll put my work clothes back on and head out to stock up for the next couple of days. The walk across the yard to the milk tank and back again is worth every step. Both of our families grew up drinking non-homogenized fresh from the cow kind of milk. I remember having lunch in grade school wondering why no one else shook their milk…Didn’t they know it needs to be shaken to mix the cream back in? SO, if you ever see someone unknowingly shake their milk, that’s a great indicator they drank raw milk as a kid…Old habits are hard to break! You might be asking why shaken and not stirred? Well, shaking is faster and stirring just makes more work… and who needs more work on a dairy farm?

~Farmer Scott