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  • Catherine Wedemeier

The Crying Farmer

The crying farmer- I have never seen a grown farmer cry when working…at least on the outside.  But, I have stood by some that were weeping on the inside like a small child, with head on hugged knees and tears streaming down each cheek. Yet, he smiled and had no complaint or self-pity for his situation. Why? Why does a farmer do this and not get some help? The occupation of farming is so dynamic encompassing family, childhood, passion, hobby, lively hood, personal pride, self-worth, and the list goes on.  All of these seem to be indivisible- each part supporting the other… without one, there is a sense of failure.

Currently, all aspects of the farming community are struggling with depressed farm prices. Some of the culprits are inferior imports driving down quality USA product prices, struggling exports, and lack of funding for ag-research.  We can all make changes to support USA farmers by demanding knowledge of where our food and fiber comes from, and purchasing local/sustainable products.

And to all of my fellow farmers… Whom have washed a hard day’s work from his/her hands and face….then looked in the mirror and wondered how they will get through the next day-THANK YOU, Thank you for the long hours and perseverance…. You… local American farmer!!! May your rows be straight and the wind be in your face.

~Farmer Scott