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  • Catherine Wedemeier

Smokin Hot

I’m fortunate that I only had to help with small square hay baling for a limited time as a kid. Baling small squares in July will definitely teach a person how to work hard in an unpleasant work environment. The long daylight hours, and fewer rain showers make July the perfect month to make dry hay. I’ve heard the first day on a new job is always the easiest, and filling the hay mow with small squares in July is no exception.

On day one, the hay mow was filled with a cool breeze, and the hot air rose above the work area. But the cool breeze quickly faded and we were reminded of the laws of nature…heat always rises. As more hay is added to the barn, it gets stacked under the roof rafters, (image an old attic with an asphalt roof on a sunny day) plus the curing from the first day hay further increased the humidity index. By the end of the second day it felt like a greenhouse.

 Like I said, fortunate…Those days are always fun to remember from the air conditioned tractor seat as we make large round bales or are chopping third crop hay. There isn’t a third crop of hay that escapes without a comment something like: “It would be a hot son of a gun today in the mow.” Today’s equipment has allowed our farm to put up much more feed per day with fewer people, and a lot less effort. ~Farmer Scott