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  • Catherine Wedemeier

Organic Spray??

Recently on social media I saw an article that questioned why organic farmers spray at night. The author implied it was done to "cover-up" spraying conventional products. This is farming out of context...Organic producers are required to have a tiered pest management plan, record all field operations and inputs, and have a 3 year transition after any prohibited product is applied to the land...So, why spray at night? Organic pest management plans are in place to target only the pest (weed, insect, disease). Our goal is to do little or no harm to other life, and sprays are a last resort for pest control. Therefore, we spray late in the day because our natural products are quickly degraded and evaporated by the sunlight reducing the effectiveness. Also the pollinators/beneficials have quit working for the day, and only pest species are left in the field. This time of day creates the greatest opportunity to be the most effective and do the least damage. ~Farmer Scott