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  • Catherine Wedemeier

Knowledge License

One of the common struggles for farm families, is welcoming children back to the home farm where “dad” has been the leader and the “son/daughter” has been the follower.  This rite of passage is hard, and earning respect is easier said than done.  Typically the older generation claims to know how to farm AND the younger generation also claims to know how to farm… Here lies the predicament when opinions differ.  One wants the other to fall in line and continue the tradition, and the other needs some time in the driver’s seat.  This was so apparent at the cover crop meeting I attended last week.  Most of the presenters were about 10 to 15 years into their farming careers, and all made a comment about their senior partner being apprehensive about the changes they wanted to implement (cover crops). Every individual had successful and unsuccessful trials with covers, but the benefits outweighed the cons, and they no longer wanted to farm without them. Farming businesses and techniques are always evolving and we farmers need to change with them….so how about letting junior try some cover crops on a few acres!!! Perhaps the student may become the teacher.

P.S. My 7 year old teaches me lessons too. The last time we went fishing he insisted on using a small, dead fish for bait. I told him it wouldn't work but, sure enough, he caught the biggest fish of the day by a large margin! I guess sometimes what we know tends to get in the way of what we could know.

-Farmer Scott

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