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  • Catherine Wedemeier

Crystal Ball

Farmers have always been interested in predicting the weather, or at least trying to. The weather can influence how well a small seeding emerges from the soil, whether field work can be completed, how many insects will be around to affect livestock and crops, the ability to make hay, and animal health. 

Some farmers rely on the modern weather person, others trust Ember Days and the Moon Signs (both fixed days of the year). According to the seasons at the time of the earth’s solstice and equinox predict the following seasons beginning, middle and end month’s weather.  The moon phases are a very similar and are thought to predict everything from weather, good fishing, and the best time to wean calves. Finally, there are old weather lores- Rain before 7 AM gone before 11 AM, and the “I can feel it (weather) in my bones”- (Son, you’d better put the planter away because it is going to rain tonight). Many wise old farmers have spent years of study, observation, and obsession over the weather. 

I believe I have listed the predictors in the order of least to most accurate… if you want to know the weather ask an old Farmer!

~Farmer Scott