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  • Catherine Wedemeier

A Journey of Many Huhs, Hums, and Ahahs!

How did we get to where we are today? Well the short answer is that there has been several huhs…hums…ahahs...a whole lot of listening, and hours of observation and pondering. I don’t remember where I read what I am about to write, but it struck home. “If nature and science do not agree…..through away the books”. After hearing that statement, I began to ask questions as a young child would with: because why, how come, who says, why, and why again until I could free myself from main stream thinking and come up with answers that satisfied my questions. There is a book that states that “the eye of the shepherd shall fatten the flock”, this states that observation is the most important aspect of farming, not science. I am not trying to discredit science. Because of science, there are many important things that have improved farming and helped me to understand my observations. 

I have come to believe that the foundation of agriculture and all life on this planet begins with our rich soils and sunlight. The soil and sun are involved in the water cycle, carbon cycle, and all life on earth. With that said, farming boils down to utilizing energy from the sun and managing air and water, which is 50% by volume, of a healthy soil. Our goal is to manage our farm, land, and livestock in nature’s image by creating a balance that maximizes solar energy utilization and promotes the natural cycles of nature. We are trying to maximize the whole farm by not over emphasizing one part at the expense of another.

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